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At Furbisher Media, every client receives personal, individual attention and a bespoke service tailored to their needs and goals.

Political PR and Public Policy


We understand politics and policy and how to influence both.


With a track record in successful awareness initiatives and in legislation, we know how to organise and deliver a successful campaign.


Most of all, we know the importance of a positive profile to people and businesses potentially in the public eye.


At Furbisher Media, your profile is our business and we care for both with energy and diligence.

Media Training


We will prepare you for anything and everything that an encounter with the media may involve.


Too many people in politics or business go into media interviews entirely unprepared. The result can be at best a wasted opportunity, at worst a reputational disaster.


From training and coaching for potentially hard-edged media interviews to the simple rights and wrongs of preparing and sending a press release, our vastly experienced trainers will aim give you and your team greater confidence, clarity and success.

Crisis Communications


Even the best of organisations or individuals can find themselves unexpectedly and suddenly the focus of unwelcome media attention.


We can prepare you for the worst challenges that may come to your door, as well as the greatest opportunities.When problems hit, we provide the calm and clear response you need.


Our wise advice and knowledge of how the media work will help steer you from further pitfalls, minimise negativity and provide balance and context to potential coverage.

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