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John Furbisher Testimonials


At Furbisher Media, every client receives personal, individual attention and a bespoke service tailored to their needs and goals. Read what a selection of clients and former colleagues think about Furbisher Media below.

Lord Syed Kamall

Former leader of the UK’s Conservative MEPs and Under Secretary of State for Culture, Media, Sport and Digital, responsible for the arts and civil society

John Furbisher was with our delegation in Brussels as head of media for over four years. He brought with him a wealth of experience and media know-how. He could always be relied up to spot the story, emphasise the political line and present it in a way that is fresh and appealing to the media and the public. As an award-winning journalist and editor, he knows how the media think...and that makes him a great person to have on your side.

Vicky Ford

MP for Chelmsford and former Cabinet Secretary of State for Development at the Foreign Office

I cannot recommend John Furbisher more strongly. He has a unique ability to cut through the political jargon, identify the real issue and then translate the argument into words that can be understood. Do not put yourself in front of a TV camera without a briefing from John.

Kay Swinburne

Vice Chair of Financial Services at KPMG

When we decided to campaign in support of Amber Alert, the Europe-wide alert system to save children in danger, John Furbisher was the one who turned our broad ideas into a working reality.  He struck an important media partnership with one of my key regional players in the form of the Western Mail and Media Wales. Then he made this the springboard for broader ongoing coverage across other important broadcast, print and new media platforms. If you are planning a media campaign, you would do well to involve John from an early stage.

James Nicholson

Former MEP for Northern Ireland

I am privileged to have worked with John Furbisher. John came to work at the European  Parliament having established himself at the highest level of his craft at both provincial and national level back home in the UK. As an elected representative in Northern Ireland, I understand the importance of regional journalism. John recognised that perspective from the outset. With his immense range of friends and contacts, John was able to win me press exposure on areas which really matter to my constituents. John understands his clients and their audience in equal measure. I would happily recommend him to anyone, and especially to those who feel that a vital cause is worth 'getting out there'.

Malcolm Harbour CBE

Former Chairman of the European Parliament's Single Market Committee

John played an invaluable role in the challenging task of communicating the complex and diverse issues arising during my work as an MEP. He is particularly adept at identifying the key points of a complex brief that will have real traction with the broadcast and print media. He has a great sense of the viewers and readers viewpoints! He was able to produce drafts very quickly, incorporate my comments and get them out to the right people at the right time.

Baron Duncan of Springbank

Deputy Speaker in the House of Lords, Chair National Forest

John has the knack of crystalizing key messages in a few pithy words. He can tell your story in a way that news-desks and producers appreciate and audiences easily embrace. Whether you are seeking space in your local paper or preparing for a grilling from Andrew Neil, you want John Furbisher in your corner.

Tony Watson

former MD Press Association

John Furbisher understands how the media work. His news sense is formidable and he knows the ingredients that make a good story great. Above all he has the quality you cannot buy in our industry - respect.

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