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Anthea McIntyre congratulates Birmingham Airport

West Midlands MEP Anthea McIntyre has congratulated Birmingham Airport after it was named the world's most punctual airport. Air travel intelligence company OAG revealed Birmingham beat contenders from Japan, Brazil, the USA and Germany to claim the crown with 91.28% of arriving and departing flights operating on time. Miss McIntyre said: "Birmingham Airport's success shines like a beacon, demonstrating the huge importance of regional airports. “The nation's economy can only reach its fullest potential when the regional airports across the length and breadth of Britain are allowed to thrive. Focusing only on the south-east is not the answer. "Regional airports are a vital link between local and regional communities and the rest of the world. There can be no doubt that their success leads to the economic success of the area." Miss McIntyre also congratulated the several thousand employees and 140 companies operating at Birmingham airport. "Each individual, no matter what their role, directly contributed to this success and should be very proud indeed."

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