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Girling: Gibraltar must have a voice in Brexit talks

Furbisher Media client Julie Girling has called for Gibraltar's specific needs to be represented on the Government's Brexit negotiating team.

Mrs Girling, MEP for the South West and Gibraltar, made the call during a meeting today in Brussels with the Gibraltar Cross Frontier Group.

She said: "Gibraltar has unique issues which must be taken into account going into these difficult discussions. Appointing a specific representative within the Department for Exiting the EU would help ensure that Gibraltar's interests are not forgotten.

"I am acutely aware of the problems Gibraltar will face during the course of the negotiations, with the local economy so reliant on the free movement of people and the people of Gibraltar's resolve to fight any attempts by Spain to revive sovereignty discussions.

"The people of Gibraltar voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU and we must work hard to ensure their right to self-determination is protected. Appointing someone within the Government who understands the issues most important to Gibraltar would be a strong signal in protecting Gibraltar's best interests."


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