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Bashir welcomes boost for fishermen

Amjad Bashir, Conservative MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber, welcomed the announcement of new fishing quotas following negotiations in Brussels this week.

The annual Fisheries Council which sets catch limits approved increases for 2016 of more than 10 per cent in North Sea cod and 50 per cent in North Sea haddock.

Mr Bashir said: "This looks like broadly good news for east coast crews, with measures here to mitigate problems caused for the industry by the ban on discards.

"As a lover of traditional fish and chips, I am happy to see be the big increases in the allowable catch of cod and especially haddock.

"Whatever alternatives may go in and out of fashion, these are our staple white fish. This should be good for the industry and good for shoppers and food-lovers who enjoy their fish."

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